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Air Knight 9″ By Carrier Top Tech          watch the video The outside shell is coated with 4 special metals to produce this process. This is a unique and patented process exclusive to the RGF unit. No other system uses this unique quad metal shield The important piece to remember is that, this is NOT a PCO or otherwise known as Photo catalytic Oxidation unit. Where Photo-Catalytic-Oxidation is primarily used for odor removal… the Air Knight PHI technology does much more. It does provide the odor removal, but it also provides air and surface purification. Surface purification happens wherever conditioned air is supplied. Hydro peroxides in essence is a mild form of Hydrogen Peroxide. You probably remember your mom using this solution on cuts when you were young. The PHI unit attacks germs just like you remember but does it on surfaces and in the air continually. So you will hear the term “Friendly Oxidizers “ from us a lot when we refer to the Air Knight. You are probably more familiar with some “Unfriendly Oxidizers” like-Chlorine or Ozone. Both do a great job at oxidizing however they are not good for our lungs and bodies. Ions can attack the pathogens in the air…Thus the name “Air Knight”.One of the major differences between j the PHI unit and a standard UV light has a lot to do with the “proactive” approach to attacking germs and pathogens in the air, and on surfaces by releasing the ions into the conditioned living space. With this technology you never have to rely soley on bacteria / germs getting pulled into the return and either getting caught in the filtration system or hopefully spending enough time in front of the UV light to have the DNA of that germ or bacteria changed so that it can never reproduce. This dispersion of PHI is a much more effective proactive method to purifing the air in your home or building. 6 The Norwalk virus…if you are not familiar with the name, is the virus that people were constantly running into when going on cruise ships. Many of the cruise lines have adopted and implemented the PHI technology to stop the spread of that virus in their hospitality industry. According to a USA Today report in 2008 on Cruise Lines– 13 of 15 virus outbreaks were due to Norovirus. Of the 15 outbreaks, 6 were on the Holland America Line. Note: None (0) were on the Royal Caribbean and Disney cruise lines. Both lines installed RGF Advanced Oxidation Cells. This is not a scientific study. It is an observation. The SARS virus was the one that really brought the PHI technology to the forefront for RGF in our HVAC industry, as the Government of China was one of the biggest purchasers of the products to battle the epidemic in their country. Often referred to and pronounced as “MERSA”, the PHI technology has shown to be extremely effective in battling the staph infection. This bacteria is resistant to common anti-biotics and transmitted by surface contact and from person to person. Mold is an obvious concern to home and building owners as well as the HVAC industry. The first solution should always be to remove the source of water or moisture causing the problem. Remediation with PHI technology has proven to be very effective on existing mold colonies. Direct exposure to the PHI technology is a direct correlation to the success rate of containment. Having a product that treats both the air and surfaces is a big advantage. Assisted Living facilities and nursing homes are also perfect applications due to their ability to remove odors from the air. As much as this is great for these types of commercial applications…odor removal is big driver for homeowners as well. Between pets, cooking and more people are consistently seeking ways to neutralize odors in their homes. Look at the millions of dollars that are spent on aerosols, deodorizers etc. every year.

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Change Your Air Filter During Winter Months

Change your air filter – It’s not an energy-efficient list without a mention of regularly changing your air filters. This practice is that important. During the peak heating and cooling months, change your filter once a month. In addition, check your filter every two weeks during the summer months. And if you own a pet, check your filter every two weeks no matter what the season. A clean air filter keeps your air conditioning unit running efficiently. We have one customer who changes their filters every time they pay their electric bill, this is a GREAT idea.


Dirty air filters cost the homeowner money and waste energy. To get right to the point, dirty air filters cost about 5.00 a month, but not changing them correctly can lead to costly repairs or even replacement.

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